Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs

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Under this vertical we provide packaging machines for food and non-food products. We have designed Servo based high speed VFFS bagger for optimum packaging output. Our VFFS bagger can be incorporated with Multihead weigher, Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler and Liquid fillers. Discover the large-scale portfolio of process and packaging solutions for food and non-food products by GRACE Packaging Technology. It covers services and tailored technologies from base models up to innovative high-efficiency machines.

Filling Systems

The packaging machine itself does not measure or dispense product. Instead, integrated filling or dosing equipment measures out discrete quantities of product into the packaging machine to be dispensed into the bags. Fillers usually sit above or off to the side of the packaging machine.

Depending upon your needs, different fillers will be recommended. Here are some of the most widely used

  • Multi-head scales are often used for solid products. These highly accurate systems use weigh buckets to weigh out product before dropping it into bags.
  • Auger fillers are often used for powder products. This equipment uses a long screw-like mechanism to measure product into bags.
  • Liquid pumps usually use a piston mechanism to measure specific volumes of liquid product into bags.

You do not have to have a filler to be able to use a packaging machine. However, if a filler is not present, a human must stand-in. This will limit the system's speed and accuracy. Most of our clients integrate their packaging machine with a filler.

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Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs

Let us help you overcome your toughest packaging automation challenges with intuitive, easy-to-use equipment.

Whether your packaging needs are leading edge or more traditional, Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery has a solution.

Are you looking to improve ROI in your production and packaging processes? We can show you how with automation. And if you’re simply upgrading existing machines or know exactly what you want, our superior quality equipment provides a powerful solution that can be adapted to meet your needs.

Flexible packaging offers many benefits over its rigid counterpart, including a decreased carbon footprint, savings on shipping and storage, and a more prominent shelf-presence and a larger canvas for marketing. Applicable to almost every industry, both food and non-food, flexible packing machines increase both efficiency and your bottom line.